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Future Observatory Journal launches with issue on bioregioning

Author: Justin McGuirk

Nine new biodiversity research projects join the Design Exchange Partnerships programme

Supporting biodiversity is becoming an increasingly urgent focus of design research practice. With many ecosystems and species in decline, human interdependence on natural systems is ever more

“Learning from each other”

At the end of November, we held a forum for the researchers and academic partners on our Design Exchange Partnership and Design Accelerator programmes. Marking the end of both cohorts’ research
Author: Leilah Hirson-Comley

Future Observatory opens display space at the Design Museum

Future Observatory and the Design Museum today open a free display space dedicated to design research responding to environmental crises. Located on the museum’s second floor balcony, the Future

How can the culture sector drive the green transition?

Today, we are publishing two cultural policy reports across circular fashion and the screen industries which suggest how the UK cultural sector might adapt to meet national net zero commitments. In

Adapting Together

Adapting Together, last week’s symposium organised by Future Observatory and ImaginationLancaster, set out to consider how designers can create and support participation in climate action.
Author: George Kafka

The Museum as a Catalyst

Museums are changing. They can be catalysts, proactively supporting a just and sustainable future.
Author: Justin McGuirk